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HUVCO introduces Fiber Optic Skylights to US market
Date: February 20, 2008

Rohrersville, MD – February 20, 2008 – It is now possible to deliver fresh, pure, healthy natural light to almost any space through tiny fiber optic cable. The flexible fiber optic cable, which has a smaller diameter than a pencil, can be hidden inside walls and floors and brought to the area where natural light is needed. The Fiber Optic Skylight system was developed in Sweden by Parans Solar Lighting AB. The Parans system is now being introduced to the United States by HUVCO Daylighting Solutions™

The Fiber Optic Skylight is comprised of an exterior mounted panel that has 64computer controlled lenses inside that rotate and track the sun throughout the day. These lenses focus the sunlight into the optical fibers. The fibers are bundled into 6mm optical cables and are used to transport the natural light up to 60 feet. There are a variety of luminaries available for the interior to diffuse the natural light. There are also hybrid luminaries that combine natural light with electric light fixtures that will automatically come on when the sunlight is not sufficient.

Eric G. Huffman, Vice President of HUVCO Daylighting Solutions explains “This fiber optic technology is amazing; it allows us to bring natural light into buildings where it was not previously possible”. He adds “Other systems have been developed but the Parans Fiber Optic Skylight is the first and only Fiber Optic Skylight to be brought to the US market, and is available for sale to the consumer today, it is truly a unique product”.

The first system installed in the United States was at the EnviroCenter® in Jessup, MD.Stanley Sersen, an architect with ASG, Inc. designed, developed and works at the EnviroCenter® on a daily basis. Mr. Sersen explains “The natural light from the fiber optic skylight allows us to have natural daylighting in areas where we needed artificial light before.” He continues “You can now say good bye to the old, dark cubical with no window for access to natural light. The Fiber Optic Skylight pipes the sunlight right into where you want it and helps us reduce our carbon footprint at the same time”.

Natural light has been attributed to increasing employee morale and productivity. Other benefits include reducing absenteeism and accidents. The use of natural light reduces our dependence on artificial light that is typically accounts for 30% of a buildings electric consumption. By eliminating the need for the electric light during the day, we can have a dramatic effect on pollution and green house gas emissions from power plants.

For more details visit or call 800-832-6116.Interview Contact:
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