Bring the sun indoors with HUVCO's High Performance Daylighting System (HPDS). Ideal for large warehouses, retail, and workshop spaces, our HPDS is available in standard sizes 4'x4', 2'x4', and 2'x2'. Custom sizes can be built to suit any project.

Dome Design:
HPDS is the only daylighting system on the market that utilizes an exclusive dual prismatic dome. The unique contoured design creates more surface area to collect sunlight and provides unparalleled strength. The dome also features a thermal break which prevents condensation and temperature transfer.

Roof Flashing:
The roof flashing can be custom designed to be compatible with any roof surface. HUVCO can provide the flashing or it can be made on site.

Light Well:
The highly reflective light well channels the sunlight from the dome down to the interior diffuser. Our light well's unique triple-ply insulated panels, created from FRP, mirror-like metal, and foam insulation (R-13), bring the light to you with minimal heat gain or loss. This reflective metal may also be purchased separately to retrofit your pre-existing structure. Either way you get pure daylight and nothing else.

Interior Diffuser:
Our prismatic diffusers, available in flat, double hip, and drop pan styles, increase the light distribution throughout the space below without imposing on design or aesthetics. The only thing added to the space is evenly dispersed light.

Huvco's HPDS product is manufactured by Sunoptics, the leader in prismatic daylighting solutions.

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