For homes and small businesses, consider HUVCO's Tubular Skylights. Using advanced reflection technology, these units are great for any room in your home or office and they are available in five different sizes (10", 13", 18", 21" and 24" diameters.)

Dome Design:
The HUVCO dome is a unique combination of high impact acrylic fused to an aluminum mounting ring. This design eliminates structural stress, holes, and problems typical in other dome designs. Click here to view the Tubular Skylight install guide.

Roof Flashing:
Seamless aluminum flashing. Unmatched strength and durability from a leak-proof design.

Light Pipe:
The highly reflective mirror-like pipe channels light down to the diffuser. Our metal pipe has a 97% light reflectivity to supply brilliant sunlight to your room, and its strength and durability will make HUVCO products a part of your home for a lifetime.

Interior Diffuser:
Our prismatic diffusers disperse the light evenly across your room.